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A new beauty standard

Welcome to Her Society.

We're for all women. No exclusivity, no segregation. 

We believe every woman should have access to stylish & quality fashion, regardless of their size.

We also believe that women shouldn't be segregated by their size, or labelled 'plus' or 'straight' size. 

We promise that every brand we stock at Her Society offers at least up to a size 16, and/or pre-order for sizes 16+. 

Our mission is to create a world in which all women are treated equally, and where we are all more than just our bodies.

Our goal is that by 2025, every woman will have access to every single item of clothing globally.

We know this will take some time, but we hope you will work with us to achieve this goal.

This is our first step towards a size-inclusive world. 

How are we different?

We pride ourselves on being size-inclusive, meaning we make every effort to ensure women of all sizes have access to the items in our store. 

Whilst not every size is immediately available, we work with our brands to offer pre-order in sizes they have never stocked before.

With every single pre-order, together we can shift the needle and create meaningful change.

Here's how it works:

- You really want an item but it is currently not available in your size

You select your size and hit 'pre-order' on the product page

- Payment and shipping details are taken to confirm your pre-order

The item reaches it's minimum order quantity (MOQ), your garment gets made and sent to your doorstep!


Find out more about pre-order here.