A new beauty standard

Her Society was born in late 2015 and began as a support and advocacy platform for women experiencing body image and eating problems. 

Our then 22-year-old Founder Claire had just exited hospital after years of living with the vicious disease that is Anorexia. Wondering how other women without the same support network made it through, she embarked on a journey to help others navigate an image-obsessed world by encouraging open conversation and story sharing.

In 2019, Her Society received support to create a desperately needed fashion house where women could find brands that catered to sizes above the seemingly 'standard' size 12-14, all under the one roof.  It is through this platform that Her Society hopes to bring a new beauty standard to the world, and one in which women are not defined by the size of their clothes or a number on the scale.

Our mission is for every woman will have access to every single item of clothing globally.

We know this will take some time, but we hope you will work with us to achieve this goal.

This is our first step towards a size-inclusive world.