Exclusive access to items that have never before been available

Whilst not every size is immediately available, we work with our brands to offer pre-order in sizes they have never stocked before. 

With every single order, together we can change the game.


How does pre-order work?

1. You really want an item but it is currently not available in your size

2. So, you select the size you want and click 'pre-order' on the product page 

3. You enter your payment and shipping details to confirm your pre-order

4. Other (super stylish) women also pre-order & the item collects enough orders to begin manufacturing

5. Your item gets made and sent to your doorstep!

Why do I have to pre-order for some extended sizes?

We are showing brands that there is demand for product in larger sizes and that in fact, they are missing out on a huge segment of the female population.

With every single pre-order, you are showing them you're here and you want to be heard!

Change takes time and this is how we shift the needle and change the industry for good. 

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)? 

Brands offering pre-order have determined their minimum order quantity based on how many items they need to sell before they are able to manufacture. 

As they all use different manufacturers, the MOQ will vary from brand to brand. This information is listed on the product page. When you pre-order, you will be regularly kept up to date about how the garment is tracking and when the MOQ is close to being reached.

* Each brand also has a different pre-order range offered. Some may be starting with just one additional size, whereas others may offer 2-3. We are working with brands to extend this. 

What is the pre-order cycle?

Every item has a 60-day pre-order cycle. This means it has 60 days to reach the minimum order quantity (MOQ) before the cycle begins again. If you place a pre-order and your item doesn't reach MOQ in this time, you'll get your money back guaranteed.

How long will I have to wait until my pre-order arrives?

Once again, this will vary by brand, and this information is listed on the individual product page. You will be kept informed of progress the whole way through!

Will I be charged extra for pre-ordering?

No! There is no extra cost for pre-ordering. Payment for the item is charged at the time of ordering to confirm your pre-order however you will be refunded if your item doesn't quite reach its minimum. 

Am I able to return my pre-ordered item once it arrives?

Yes. Pre-ordered items are treated the same as any other item and follow the general shipping t's & c's. Please note however, we are unable to refund during the pre-order cycle and can only refund a) once your item has arrived or b) if it doesn't hit MOQ.